Blogging is not for the faint of heart.  This is known.

To have to come up with new and creative ways of being interesting and insightful on a nearly daily basis while also also maintaining whatever job/love life/family commitments/friend commitments/sanity you are trying to hold on to at the same time is a challenge at best and a nightmare at worst.  

But I do intend to try harder.  I have ideas that I would like to share with you, not because I personally want to be heard, but because there are artists out there who have not been given the recognition more canonized artists have, and issues that are not addressed sufficiently, like art fraud, books that should be read, etc…

For now, I leave you with this painting by Ivan Shishkin:

File:Utro v sosnovom lesu.jpg

Shiskin, Ivan (1832-1898). Morning in a Pine Forest, 1889, oil on canvas, Tretyakov Gallery.  (Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

Why? Because it’s a beautiful painting by an under recognized Russian painter (two, actually, if Wikipedia is to be believed), and it’s got cute bears in it darn it.

Do. Not. Resist. The Bears.