Hello all!

In keeping with the general theme, (as in, there isn’t one) I am offering you this quick snippet about Clifford Irving. Who, in a brilliant stroke of irony, not only wrote the autobiography of the notorious art forger Elmyr de Hory in 1969, but then went on to peddle a completely fabricated biography of the famously reclusive millionaire Howard Hughes. 

See, the problem with being a eccentric recluse who hasn’t talked to the public for over a decade is that, well, one might not get to hear about a fake biography of one’s life until it’s almost too late.  And then, when you try to call the journalists to tell them the story is fake, they might be disinclined to believe you.  Which is why Hughes finally had to come out of hibernation in January 1972 to hold a press conference denouncing the book. Irving ended up serving for over a year in correctional facilities.

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