When I was a mere slip of girl of 12 years I found out that I was born on the feast day of Saint Catherine of Bologna, the patron saint of artists.  Whether or not this was a sign that I was predestined to spend my life absorbed in the study of art is probably a question for another day (and another blog no doubt).

I hold Masters degrees in both Art History and Art Business and have completed dissertations on twentieth century art forgers and the plight of the English art museum.  My true passion is the study of art forgers and their practices, and I occasionally fantasize about working for the FBI Art Squad.

But perhaps the best descriptor of me would have to come from the great feline philosopher Hobbes:

“Another casualty to the seduction of Art”


1 thought on “About”

  1. I was so proud that I had recently incorporated a photo of something on display at the Met into one of my blog posts about. Then I realized that no body who regularly reads my blog (a “mommyblog” that is not exactly “high art”) would get it. But I thought you might.

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